A Little Walk On The Mountain

It has been quite some time since i posted here.  As a matter of fact, my last post was on New Year’s day!  Therefore, it’s time for me to get back into a routine of posting at least a few times a week again.

Personally, i am not to crazy about shooting in the winter.  Aside from it being cold outside, everything is a bit grey and somber, unlike all the color that one can find in the summer time.

That’s just me though.

Outdoor conditions should not stop anyone – including me – from going outside with their camera and taking photographs.  Though, i am more inclined to go outside if it is sunny, like yesterday.

The above shots were taken with the Nikon D2x and the Nikkor 70-300mm VR G.

While we were up at the look out, i took the opportunity to take a succession of photos in order to stitch them together to make a panorama.  However, i think i may have started a little too far to the left with this one.

Untitled_Panorama2-1 copy

Keep in mind, if you are going to take a succession of photos to stitch into a panorama, taking vertical (portrait oriented) shots is the best way to go.  This gives you plenty of room at the head and foot of your photos when you crop afterwards.

Furthermore, always overlay your photos by about 20-30%.  If you do this, your stitching software will have an easier time blending the photos and your panorama will come out much better.

FYI: this post took more than eight hours to post.  My modem seems to be acting up; therefore, my ISP is sending me a new one and i hope the issue will be resolved.

Who dares wins.

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