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One of the reasons why i have not been very active here on my blog, is because i have been concentrating on my Instagram account.

Ok, to be honest, i did not necessarily make an effort to concentrate on my Instagram account.  Rather, it came down to it being more easy to post photos to Instagram, rather than to make a blog post.  Laziness would be a good noun to sum it up.

The majority of the photos posted to my Instagram, are photos that i have pulled off of my blog, while others have been taken with my mobile phone  – kind of what Instagram is all about, right?

Here is the url to my IG:


If you are a photographer of any skill level and want your work to be seen, you need to show off your work on multiple social media platforms.

It isn’t easy work to keep up a blog and an IG account.  But, no one ever said that becoming noticed or even successful in this medium, would be easy and it isn’t.

Who dares wins.

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6 thoughts on “My Instagram

      1. Sonia Aicha

        and the motivation to write 🙈 ! On instagram one sentence and you are done, but blogging requires more sentences so we have to get creative and all that…I am trying to work on that bad habit 🤗 Keep up with the great work 😉

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      2. Thank you for the encouraging words, same to you. Yes, it is hard to find that writing “groove” sometimes. Usually, i need peace and quiet to write, which is hard to find sometimes. Take care

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  1. I am not active on instagram. I guess it is great for people who are selling products online (I am not). If I only have enough time I’d prefer to focus blogging because we can upgrade and monetize blog later. 🙂


    1. Instagram is a quick and easy way to share your work or whatever else you want to share. A blog certainly takes more dedication. Both can be monotenized. I always say that it’s best to diversify 😉


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