Art Out In The Open

There is nothing better than taking a nice, leisurely walk on a sunny, summer’s day.

That’s exactly what I did the other day.

I grabbed my little Olympus TG3 and made my way to Sherbrooke St. in downtown Montreal, with the purpose of taking photos of the various sculptures that are being displayed on either side of the street.

A bit of advice:  wear a good pair of walking shoes.  Ladies, leave the heels at home.

The open air museum starts at the museum of fine arts and goes all the way to the McCord Museum.   Along the way, you will be able to see 25 sculptures from Canadian, as well as international artists.

If sculptures are not really your thing, there are also 42 large photographs on display for the photographer in you.  The photographs are from Montreal artists.

The following photographs can also be seen on my Instagram feed:

A few words about the TG3:  Why did I choose to bring the TG3? Well, first of all, I can charge it via USB; therefore, i can charge it in the car very easily.  Secondly, it is the lightest camera that I own, so it is not hard to carry around.

Does it take the best photos?  That depends on your definition of “best”.  If you are talking about resolution, dynamic range, etc., no it doesn’t.  My X10 would have done a much better job at taking “better” photos.  However, I don’t think my composition would have been any different.

On this particularly bright day, the TG3 tended to overexpose a tad, but I was able to somewhat correct that in post – the TG3 does not shot in RAW.  The X10 does.

I can control the exposure compensation through a quick access menu setting, so I will keep that in mind the next time I shoot with the TG3 on a bright, sunny day.  -1 would be an ideal setting here.

Other than the slight overexposure from the camera’s meter, the TG3 was the perfect camera to shoot with that day.

As I mentioned above, the photos in this post can also be found on my Instagram and I was able to upload them to IG in no time, thanks to the built-in WiFi of the TG3 and the Olympus OI.Share app on my phone.  This is where the TG3 gets a few brownie points over the X10.

In sum, it was a great afternoon, leisurely strolling down Sherbrooke St. and snapping some photos of the great works of art that are on display.

Who dares wins.

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