Instead Of WordPress…

… Instagram.

As many of you know, it can be quite a struggle to consistently post to your blog and for various reasons, such as:

  1. Life
  2. Life
  3. Life
  4. and a little thing called motivation.

Ahhh yes, motivation, that elusive bit of psychological je ne sais quoi that gives you a kick in the ass to get up and do something. Sometimes, it’s hard to find.

Perhaps i became discouraged about blogging after my original blog ran out of room to post photos.  It was a shame that i had to start a new blog; though, i was not prepared to hand over money to WordPress.

Perhaps i started to think that most people would not be interested in reading what i had to say.

Whatever the reason, motivation was and has been very hard to find, no matter where i have looked.

However, i have found it far easier to post photos to Instagram, which has been therapeutic for the photographer side of me.

Here are some of the more recent photos from my Instagram feed:

All photos taken with the LG G5.  No filters applied.

Obviously, posting to Instagram is far easier than making a blog post.  All you need to do is pick a photo, edit a bit, choose the appropriate hashtags and post.

In the end, it comes down to having the right amount of motivation to maintain your personal blog or Instagram account.  It’s not easy and if you find yourself doing it because you think you have to, then take a step back an reevaluate things.

Life, family and your personal well being comes first.

Who dares wins.

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2 thoughts on “Instead Of WordPress…

  1. I am not active on instagram 🙂 I only share photos on Facebook pages.

    If I were you I’d edit old posts here, make them SEO friendly, add affiliate links if you wish or upgrade and monetize. 😊 I want to do it later 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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